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Human geography

Affective Negotiation of Slum Tourism, The: City Walks in Delhi

Holst, Tore (Roskilde University, Denmark)

978 1 351 74657 1
Publication date:
13 February 2018

Markets and Governance in China's Urban Transformation

Zhou, Zhihua

978 1 138 23523 6
Publication date:
30 November 2017

Population, Migration and Settlement in Australia and the Asia-Pacific: In Memory of Graeme Hugo

Klocker, Natascha
Dun, Olivia (University of Melbourne, Australia)

978 1 138 55128 2
Publication date:
25 October 2017

China's Urbanization and Socioeconomic Impact

Tang, Zongli

978 981 10 4830 2
Publication date:
7 July 2017


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