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Organization & management of education

Global English, Remedial English: Caste, Class, Nation

Pandey, Iswari

978 0 415 82035 6
Publication date:
8 January 2018

History of Education Policymaking in India 1947-2016: -

Ayyar, R.V. Vaidyanatha (Independent Researcher and Former member of the Indian Administrative Services)

978 0 19 947494 3
Publication date:
6 January 2018

Singapore School Principals: Leadership Stories

Boon, Zoe Suan Loy (National Inst Of Education, Ntu, S'pore)

978 981 320 898 8
Publication date:
16 December 2017

Education in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands

Letchamanan, Hema (University of Cambridge, UK)
Dhar, Debotri (University of Michigan, USA)
Brock, Colin (University of Durham, UK)

978 1 4742 4430 5
Publication date:
14 December 2017

Education and Empowerment in India: Policies and practices

Singh, Avinash Kumar

978 0 8153 9597 3
Publication date:
8 December 2017


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