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Contemporary China's Diplomacy

Qu, Xing (Director, China Institute of International Studies, China)
Zhong, Longbiao (Associate Professor, Tianjin Civic Party School of CPC, China)

978 1 138 85506 9
Publication date:
20 October 2017

China and Nordic Diplomacy

Sverdrup-Thygeson, Bjornar (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway)
Yennie Lindgren, Wrenn (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway)
Lanteigne, Marc (Massey University Albany, New Zealand)

978 1 351 38488 9
Publication date:
10 October 2017

Japan and Multilateral Diplomacy

Regnier, Philippe

978 1 351 80689 3
Publication date:
5 October 2017

China's Soft Power Diplomacy: Myth or Reality?

Jain, B. M.

978 0 7391 9339 6
Publication date:
15 June 2017


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