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Revolutions & coups

Red at Heart: How Chinese Communists Fell in Love with the Russian Revolution

McGuire, Elizabeth (Department of History, California State University, East Bay)

978 0 19 064055 2
Publication date:
1 November 2017

Politics in Emotion: The Song of Telangana

Muppidi, Himadeep (Vassar College, USA.)

978 0 8153 7756 6
Publication date:
26 October 2017

On Practice and Contradiction

Tse-Tung, Mao

978 1 78663 340 8
Publication date:
26 September 2017

Revolutionary Passions: Latin America, Middle-East, India

Bozarslan, Hamit (University of Cyprus)
Bataillon, Gilles
Jaffrelot, Christophe

978 1 351 37809 3
Publication date:
22 September 2017


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