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Social & cultural history

Composite Culture Under the Sultanate of Delhi

Siddiqui, Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui

978 93 80607 37 5
Publication date:
15 March 2013

Health and Medicine in the Indian Princely States: 1850-1950

Ernst, Waltraud (University of Southampton, UK Oxford Brookes University, UK)
Pati, Associate Professor Biswamoy (Delhi University, India)
Sekher, T V (International Institute for Population Sciences, India)

978 0 415 67935 0
Publication date:
12 December 2014

Gilded Voices

He, Qiliang

978 90 04 23243 3
Publication date:
1 July 2012

Afghanistan: A Cultural History

Simpson, St John

978 1 56656 854 8
Publication date:
25 April 2012


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