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New Website for New Books

New Asia Books makes it much easier for academics to identify, evaluate and purchase new publications in their fields. The website lists academic English language books published on Asia in the preceding 12 months (using data obtained from Nielsen BookData, a major bibliographic data provider), and it encourages academics, including authors, to review and comment on the books listed.

Adding value for the academic community

This unique site focuses exclusively on new English language books, with no listing older than 12 months, and only titles that are currently in print. The site is aimed first and foremost at academics and students within Asia studies, but we believe it will also be useful for non-specialist, non-academic research and for the informed public.

The idea behind the site is to free academics and students from time-consuming and potentially unproductive searches for new material. A book search on a site such as Amazon will throw up a long list of responses relating to books published several years ago - books that an experienced academic will either already have read or have made an active decision not to read. New Asia Books presents the user only with exactly what is necessary: a list of current publications in the field.

New Asia Books also provides a platform for book reviews. We aim to be the first to publish reviews of new titles. All too often, there is a long gap between the time that a book is published and the time when the first reviews appear. It is by no means unusual for 12, 18 or even 24 months to pass between publication and the first review article. Authors wait with growing impatience, and book buyers are left with little guidance about which titles to purchase or recommend to their university libraries. New Asia Books plugs this gap. We provide a forum for site users and authors to write quick reviews and comment on new titles in a true community dialogue. We believe this is a particularly useful way of sharing early experiences with potential new textbooks.

Ensuring high-quality data

Publishers are invited to join as New Asia Books partners. Partners will have password protected access to the site, enabling them to update and add material to the title records in the New Asia Books database. Each partner has a profile page where all contact and direct ordering information can be listed. New Asia Books partners are entitled to an upgraded service, with a clickable logo linking to the partner's profile page. This feature makes it easy for site users to move from searching to purchasing, and gives publishers an opportunity to present themselves directly to their audience. New Asia Books partners can also link to web-based book sellers on their product pages. The cost of joining as a partner is available on request.

New Asia Books can always be relied upon to contain the very latest information. Regular users of web-based book sites know that while many organisations have created attractive and user-friendly sites, many of these sites fall down in the longer term because sites owners cannot invest the time to keep information up-to-date. New Asia Books avoids this trap as each search response page is created directly from our database, and the database is fully updated at least once a month.

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New Asia Books is an initiative of the International Insitute for Asian Studies