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Disputed Legacies - The Pakistan Papers

Hussain, Neelam

978 93 85932 09 0
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15 January 2018

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Offering vital new perspectives on the role of sexual violence as a weapon of war in Pakistan, Disputed Legacies examines the situations that arise when secular law comes into conflict with traditional practice and belief and how this directly affects policy, pedagogy, and medical practice. Focusing specifically on Pakistan, a country with a long history of internal and external conflict, the contributors to this volume trace the often troubled interaction between the state and its female citizens and examine the ingrained and pervasive structures and social systems that enable impunity for perpetrators of sexual violence to gain strength. Disputed Legacies is part of the Sexual Violence and Impunity in South Asia series, which brings together a vast body of knowledge on this important yet silenced subject. It will be essential reading for scholars of women's studies and sexual violence.


Neelam Hussain is a writer and translator. She works with Simorgh Women's Resource and Publication Centre and teaches English at Lahore Grammar School in Pakistan. She is the translator of Inner Courtyard by Khadija Mastur and coeditor of Engendering the Nation State.



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