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Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature

Gu, Ming Dong (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)

978 1 317 23668 9
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1 January 2018

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The Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature provides a comprehensive account of modern Chinese literature by situating it within larger context of comparative and world literature, which has made Chinese literature a component of world literature today, and to offer in-depth analyses of selected masterpieces broadly recognized by specialists in the field. Rather than taking a purely chronological approach, the book adopts a thematic-comparative approach to the subject and integrates history, genres, styles, and themes into a conceptual framework which presents modern Chinese literature as the outcome of modern development of Chinese literary tradition under the impact of the coming of the West and as part of the formation of the world literature in the world-wide process of globalization. Each thematic section will consists of a series of topical essays in terms of the major genres of fiction, poetry, drama, essay, and film. Each chapter will provide a historical overview of a topic and in-depth analysis of chosen masterpieces. The Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature is an essential reference guides for all students and scholars of Chinese literature.


Ming Dong Gu is professor of Chinese and comparative literature at the University of Texas, Dallas, USA.



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