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Histoire Naturelle des Familles et Sous-Familles Endemiques D'oiseaux de Madagascar

Raherilalao, Marie Jeanne
Goodman, Steven M.

978 2 9538923 2 1
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Publication date:
23 May 2017

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Madagascar, with its unique and highly endemic flora and fauna, is a world conservation priority. Although the number of bird species occurring on the island is less diverse than that of most other tropical countries, the level of endemism is remarkable and includes five endemic families and two subfamilies. This pocket-sized book, written in non-technical French and beautifully illustrated throughout, provides a general introduction to Malagasy birds as well as a detailed and up-to-date synthesis of information related to the ecology and natural history of all of Madagascar s unique bird families and subfamilies. Birdwatchers and researchers are almost unanimously enchanted by the extraordinary natural history and morphological characteristics of the island s avifauna, and as such, birds are among the most studied vertebrate groups on Madagascar. However, certain aspects of how these birds live have only recently been discovered, and this book will be an informative resource for even the most seasoned of birdwatchers.


Marie Jeanne Raherilalao is professor in the Department of Animal Biology at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. Steven M. Goodman is the MacArthur Field Biologist at the Field Museum, Chicago, and he is based in Antananarivo, Madagascar. He is coeditor of The Natural History of Madagascar and Atlas of Selected Land Vertebrates of Madagascar, the former published and the latter distributed by the University of Chicago Press. They are both founding members of the Association Vahatra, a Malagasy organization dedicated to the advancement of science on Madagascar, particularly conservation education and research.



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