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Honey Bucket Charlie

Jones, Charles D.
Comeau, Benjamin
Carlson, Lewis H.

978 1 62288 050 8
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Publication date:
30 April 2017

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Based on a series of one hundred pen and ink drawings by Captain Benjamin Comeau, a POW at Camp #1 in Korea from 1950-53, Honey Bucket Charlie contains letters Comeau wrote during his time in the prison camp, as well as photographs and interviews with his son, brother, and grandson. From Central Texas, Comeau enlisted in the Marine Corps during World War II, was wounded at Iwo Jima, left the Marine Corps and then joined the army in time for service as an infantryman in the Korean War. He was taken as a POW by the Chinese in November of 1951 and remained a prisoner until June of 1953. Comeau remained in the army and later served a year in Vietnam. He was an extraordinary man who has left us an equally extraordinary group of drawings describing his time as a POW. Honey Bucket Charlie has an introductory chapter by author and scholar Lewis Carlson.


Benjamin Comeau was from Central Texas and joined the army after fighting in World War II as a marine. An infantryman in the Korean War, Comeau was captured and spent two years in a Korean POW Camp. Charles D. Jones, a printmaker, is the director of LaNana Creek Press and Regents Professor of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University, USA. Lewis H. Carlson's books include We Were Each Other's Prisoners: An Oral History of World War II American and German Prisoners of War.




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