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India Economy: Problems and Prospects, The: Selected Writings of D.R Gadgil

Brahme, Sulabha

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Publication date:
31 March 2011

Short description: 

This volume brings together seminal contributions of D.R. Gadgil that provide a critical assessment of Indian economic problems and the Indian development experience in a historical perspective, and are firmly anchored in the specific characteristics of Indian social reality.

Full description: 

D.R. Gadgil (1901-1971) was an eminent economist and an intellectual pioneer of planning in India. This volume, which comprises of his writings and speeches between 1951 and 1970, has both historical value as well as contemporary relevance. The writings provide a critical assessment of Indian economic problems and the Indian development experience in a historical perspective, and are firmly grounded in the specific characteristics of Indian social reality. The basic principles advocated by Gadgil-planning with regulatory frame, food self-sufficiency, and employment orientation of planning-are significant even today for achieving 'inclusive growth'. The essays are organized into eight sections and are arranged chronologically within each section. The first three sections deal with the rationale of planning, approach to planning, issues and challenges to planning in India, and the different aspects of planning at the regional level. This is followed by three sections that cover specific questions in the sphere of industrial development, village industries, agricultural development, price policy, income policy, cooperative finance, sugar cooperatives, and cooperative social order. The seventh section discusses social and economic challenges in relation to change and development in new states. The last section includes reflections by eminent scholars on the relevance of Gadgil's social philosophy and approach to planning under changing conditions in India. This volume also includes an introduction to Gadgil's social philosophy and economic praxis and a biographical note.

Table of contents: 

INTRODUCTION; BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE; POLITICAL ECONOMY OF D.R. GADGIL (BY P.R.BRAHMANANDA);; SECTION I: PLANNING IN INDIA: THE ISSUES; 1. Indian Economic Organization;; 2. Notes on the Government of India's First Five Year Plan;; 3. Prospects for the Second Five Year Plan Period;; 4. The Approach to the Third Five Year Plan;; 5. An Approach to Indian Planning;; 6, Planning without a Policy Frame;; 7. Towards Self-Reliance;; SECTION II: INSTITUTIONS AND PLANNING; 8. The Role of the Planning Commission in Indian Planning;; 9. The Finance Commission and Development Planning;; 10. Planning and Administration;; SECTION III: REGIONAL PLANNING;; 11. District Development Planning;; 12. Some Aspects of Development Planning in Kashmir;; 13. Development of Backward Areas;; SECTION IV: PROBLEMS OF INDUSTRIAL AND AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT; 14. Public Interest and Big Business in India;; 15. Socio-economic Implications of the Existing Institutional Structure in Modern Business in India;; 16. Notes on Rural Industrialization;; 17. Planning for Agricultural Development in India;; 18. The Problem of Agricultural Labour;; 19. Price Policy for Food Grains: Its Implications;; 20. . Economic Aspects of Irrigation Water Management;; 21, Problems Relating to Land Reform;; SECTION V: INCOME POLICY; ; 22. Existing Differentials in Salaries and Wages and Their Relation to a Socialistic Pattern;; 23. Ex-Colonial and New income Differentials in India;; 24. Stabilization of Agricultural Incomes;; SECTION VI: ISSUES IN COOPERATION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; ; 25. A Note on Cooperative Farming;; 26. Cooperation and the Transformation of Economic Society;; 27. The Pravara Sahakari Sakhar Karakhana;; 28. Prospective Development in Cooperative Finance;; 29. Reflections on a Cooperative Social Order;; 30. Role of Cooperation in Planned Development;; SECTION VII: SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NEW STATES; ; 31. Social Change and Liberal Democracy in New States;; 32. Economic Challenges on World Scale;; SECTION VIII: SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC THINKING ON GADGIL: AN APPRAISAL; ; 33. Introductory Article to Planning and Economic Policy in India (by A.I. Levkovsky);; 34. Gadgil and the Economics of Indian Democracy (by S.A. Dange); Gadgil's Basic Approach to Indian Development (by H.K. Paranjpe);; 35. Relevance of Economic Thought of Professor D.R. Gadgil even after a Quarter Century (by Tapati Sanyal);; 37. Gadgil's Impact on Planning , Economic Policy, and Cooperation: Some Highlights (by Tarlok Singh);; 38. Gadgil's Vision (by K.S. Srikantan);; 39. Towards Radical Social Sciences: Lessons from Gadgil (by Suhas Palashikar)




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