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Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea

Gilbert, Oscar E.

978 1 61200 531 7
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Publication date:
28 June 2017

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Employing detailed and vivid accounts from veteran tankers, this book details every Marine tank action in the Korean War, from the valiant defense at Pusan and the bitter battles of the Chosin Reservoir, to the grinding and bloody stalemate along the Jamestown Line.

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Reviews for Hardback Edition: In order to produce this fine book, the author has conducted extensive interviews with participants and consulted archival and published materials. This gives the book an excellent balance between the events as witnessed by the participants and the broader historic, strategic and tactical issues. It also makes for a great reading experience. The text is full of excellent war stories and covers a wide variety of combat and non-combat scenarios...You'll not be disappointed. Highly recommended. Missing Lynx


Gilbert has previously co-authored Tanks In Hell: A Marine Corps Tank Company On Tarawa (Casemate, 2015), winner of The General Wallace M. Greene Award for outstanding non-fiction. Gilbert is co-author of US Marine In World War I (Osprey Warrior Series, 2016).




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