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Passion For China, A: A Little Book about the Objects We Eat From, Live With and Love

Hatch, Molly

978 1 910463 35 2
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9.99 GBP

Publication date:
10 October 2017

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'As we move through our daily lives, eating breakfast, sipping an afternoon cup of tea or gathering for a family dinner, the patterned ceramic objects we live with are precious witnesses to our stories. We eat from them, they warm our hands after a cold walk outdoors and we pull them out to celebrate the births, marriages and lives of our loved ones.' A Passion for China is a personal celebration of the everyday beauty of tableware. Acclaimed ceramicist, artist and designer Molly Hatch explores the family stories behind beloved items; the bowls and cups we have inherited or chosen with love and care. Molly Hatch also brings the history of porcelain, potteries and patterns to life with an informal eye for fascinating detail.A tribute to the rich heritage of the vintage plates, jugs and pots that make our homes our own.




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