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Routledge Atlas of South Asian Affairs, The

Bradnock, Robert W.

978 0 415 54512 9
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Publication date:
10 August 2015

Full description: 

South Asia has developed from a group of newly independent post-Colonial states of at most secondary importance to the wider world to its current position as a region of central strategic importance to both global economic development and world peace and stability. This Atlas highlights the global significance of South Asia in relation to economic, geopolitical and strategic interests. It provides a coherent descriptive and analytical account of the key elements of the complex societies that make up the region and its component countries. Illustrated with more than 100 original maps and offering concise entries on key issues, the book is structured thematically in these sections: Global Context Geographical Environments Historical Evolution of South Asia Key Issues in modern South Asia Economy and Security Designed for use in teaching undergraduate and graduate classes and seminars in geography, history, economics, anthropology, international relations, political science and the environment as well as regional courses on the South Asia, this book is also a comprehensive reference source for libraries and decision makers focusing on South Asia.

Table of contents: 

Section A The global context 1. South Asia and the world powers 2. South Asia and its neighbours 3. South Asia and the Muslim world 4. South Asia: the cultural fabric Section B The Geographical environments 5. Plate tectonics and South Asia's contemporary environments 6. Mountains, valleys and plains: the relief of South Asia 7. South Asian climates 8. Water resources 9. Natural vegetation and the challenge to biodiversity 10. Energy resources 11. Non-energy mineral resources Section C The Historical background 12. The settlement history of South Asia 13. British and Princely India at Independence 14. Partition and the newly independent states of South Asia 15. Independent South Asia: contrasting experiences of governance 16. South asia: the Cold War era Section D Key issues in modern South Asia 17. Population issues: density and growth 18. Fertility and mortality 19. Urbanisation 20. Health and morbidity 21. Literacy in South Asia 22. South Asia's external borders: the legacies of an imperial past 23. The post-colonial legacy: new borders and unresolved disputes 24. South Asia's water resources: reaching the limits? 25. The geopolitics of cross-boundary water use 26. Natural disasters and environmental risk 27. Environmental security: air and water pollution and soil degradation 28. Climate change in South Asia Section E Economy and security 29. The economies of South Asia 30. Defence and security in South Asia 31. South Asia: entering an era of co-operative development?


Robert W. Bradnock is Senior Visiting Research Fellow at King's College London, before which he was Senior Lecturer in Geography at King's College London and Head of the Department of Geography at the School of Oriental and African Studies. He lectures, broadcasts and publishes widely on the geopolitics and current affairs of South Asia, and is currently writing a Political Geography of South Asia.




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